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I was referred to the Kumon learning center in Canton, MI by a friend.As soon as I went to the center, there was no one wanting to attend to me.

It seemed that I didn't matter at all. I went to someone who looked like they were important at the center and was told to wait for some time. The "some time" became over 45 minutes before I was seen. Looking around, I found the whole place dirty and dingy.

It was cramped like a 30-50 kids hovering around.

The place was chaotic and there was no discipline.I decided to walk away.

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Plano, Texas, United States #813011

Kumon Math & Reading learning centers' owners, tutors and staff don't get get tested for HIV/AIDS, STD, Venereal Diseases, Skin Diseases and other communicable diseases.

My children were studying at Kumon in Plano in Texas.

The tutor and her husband had a bad skin disease with sores all over their bodies. We inquired about it but our concerns were never addressed. So I immediately got my children to quit the center. This center used to be filled with sweaty students and smelled real bad, the children used to be cramped up in a little dirty place.

If anyone in the Department of Health is reading this, please go and pay the Kumon location at Plano Texas a visit.

Kumon Math and Reading learning centers should be shut down.I am writing this online review to warn all parents so that their children are not infected by communicable diseases from Kumon.

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