Kumon Math Program Reviews


I had 2 children that I sent to Kumon for Math Tutoring, my kids Math level did not change , one day I contacted our Priest at church and was introduced to Mr. Madi, who has been teaching Math for 16 years. I tell you he was the best and most caring teacher i have met , both of my kids made "A" s with in 3 months, I dont know how he does it , but my kids Alex and Carla related to him so well. here is some information that he shared with me....
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My daughter has been on level J for 8 months, when she reached the 50th paper the instructor did not know how to explain the lesson and so gave my daughter the answer book instead which she copied the answer from, when we pointed this out to the instructor and instead she made my daughter repeat the whole course still unaided due to her lack if understanding, now my daughter, who used to love maths, is now slacking and hating it due to her lack...
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Anonymous Reply....This alleged report is from disgruntled parent who refuses to acknowledge child's limitations. Instructors rely on EFFORT and HONEST results. Students learn by doing ...